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Visiting a new church for the first time can be intimidating. We know, we've all had to do it.
Harborview is a casual place filled with friendly people who are excited about living for Jesus.

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings - 3 Service Options

9am - Online Streaming
9am - Medium Risk
11am - Low Risk Service

How are we addressing COVID-19?

How do we navigate our public gatherings in a climate where various “authoritative sources” are providing conflicting information regarding gathering and interacting with others?

HF’s elders and staff have landed on two factors that are driving our decision-making process:
  • First, we are relying on the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”), our nation’s foremost health organization, as the singular source to guide our health protocols (as proscribed for faith-based gatherings).
  • Second, we are asking each adult to take direct personal responsibility for choosing the best course of action for each member of their family regarding health, safety, and their choice of social distancing protocol(s).
Our heart is to provide options – choices – for those who have a desire to participate in worship services, while remaining in alignment with the CDC Guidelines. With that heart, the following opportunities are available:
  • An online service is provided at 9:00 for those of us who are uncomfortable with public in-person services due to health concerns. This service is streamed on our Harborview website, the HF App, our Facebook page and our HF YouTube Page.
  • The 9:00 am Sunday service is available, which requires wearing facemasks and social distancing.
  • The 11:00 am Sunday service is available, where social distancing and facemask wearing is recommended.
The choice is yours.

And of course, we continue to honor and value the decision each family makes considering their specific needs and level of comfort.

Blessings on behalf of the elders!

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