worship and tech

Here at Harborview, 
We have a high value for worshipping our God and King.

Creating an atmosphere

We work to create an atmosphere (both in person and online) where people can worship in spirit and in truth, where they can experience intimacy with God, and where they can declare their praise, adoration, and love for the Lord.  We want to create a space where the Holy Spirit can minister in powerful ways.

A culture of pursuing God's presence vs. a program

We believe God’s Word when it says that God inhabits the praises of His people.  We come to meet with God in worship.  We come in with a plan for each service, but priority is put on letting God’s Spirit lead our services.  His presence takes precedence over a program!

A culture of participation vs. performance

We are not here to entertain people.  We encourage a culture where every person (whether on or off the stage) is worshipping God from the inside out.  While we believe God deserves excellence in what we do, it’s not to be a performance for others.  God sees our heart and responds when we collectively participate in worship at a heart level.

There are three teams

Worship Team

Singers and Instrumentalists

Tech Team

Sound, Multimedia, Lighting, & Video Teams

The Congregation

All of us in the congregation who love and worship God with all our hearts are part of the worship ministry!

Getting involved

Are you interested in getting more involved with the Worship and Tech Ministries?

The good news is that all of us are already a part of the congregation team 😊.  With that said, there are those with special talents, technical abilities, and anointings for engaging others in worship and we are always looking for more people to lend a hand.