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Expanded Opportunities and Special COVID-19 Guidelines

At The EDGE we are committed to fulfilling our mission statement:

Equipping students to
live like Jesus lived,
do what Jesus did,
and advance
His Kingdom

We believe he knew that truth is often “caught” as much as it is “taught” and that is exactly what we see in working with youth. Jesus modeled this concept, taking his disciples with him almost everywhere he went. With this in mind, our priority at The EDGE will be to continue to meet in-person as much as possible.

EXPANDED OPPORTUNITIES: Depending on what is happening in our culture or what your family is experiencing, there are a few more ways to stay connected.
  1. IN-PERSON: Our priority is to meet in person weekly. 
  2. PODCASTS: If a student is unable to attend, Podcast type recordings of our teaching talks will be available on our HF App (youth section). Parents are always encouraged to listen, as well. 
  3. ZOOM: If we are cut off from in-person meetings, Zoom meetings will be reinstated as a Plan B. 
  4. SMALL GROUPS: Clearly defined small groups are a strong emphasis this year and may be another option for connecting by Zoom or meeting in person if the larger group is unable to meet. 

SPECIAL COVID-19 GUIDELINES: The current requirements and conditions are constantly changing. Our plan for the 2020-21 year includes recommendations based upon current CDC guidelines. As a ministry of Harborview Fellowship, our protocols at The EDGE will fall within the guidelines of the church. Thank you in advance for considering one another and the health of our community by following the below guidelines:
    1. Parents, please check temperatures before coming to The EDGE. A fever can be an early warning sign of flu or other sicknesses that are easily transmitted. A thermometer will be available if you forget at home. 
    2. As per the CDC guidelines, if you or a family member has had close contact with someone with COVID-19, stay home for 14 days after exposure based on the time it takes to develop illness. 
    3. If you or anyone in your family has any of the following symptoms, please stay home: fever, chills, headache, shortness of breath, cough, loss of smell, sore throat, congestion, nausea or diarrhea. Please be clear of ALL symptoms for at least 48 hours before attending The Edge.
    4. If you or a family member tests positive for COVID-19, all family members should stay home until cleared by a physician. 
    5. If someone feels ill or seems to be “under the weather” during The EDGE, a parent will be contacted. 
  2. FACE MASK AND SOCIAL DISTANCING PROTOCOLS: Please bring a face mask to The EDGE. One will be issued to you in case you forget. Since cloth face coverings are recommended by the CDC, especially when a distance of six feet is not possible, out of consideration to others and to our more vulnerable population, please wear a face mask: 
    1. When entering and exiting the building 
    2. In the hallways 
    3. In the bathrooms 
    4. During any activities where social distancing is a challenge 
    1. Sanitization stations will be positioned throughout the church and encouraged to be used regularly. 
    2. While dinners have been removed for the foreseeable future, any snacks or desserts will be individually portioned and there will be no sharing of food. 
    3. Our team will have additional sanitizing procedures throughout this season to ensure tables, chairs, doorknobs, etc. have been cleaned. 

We feel confident we have a plan that will ensure an amazing year! Please reach out if you have specific questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Scott Mitchell
Youth and Worship Pastor
Harborview Fellowship
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