Voting Your Faith: Issue 4: Vote Life

Vote Life

Will America be a culture of life with righteousness and justice, or one of death with unrighteousness, and chaos?

As Christians, we have a voice. Yet 1 out of every 4 Christians in America (25 million) does not vote and another 15 million Christians are not even registered to vote. (You can register to vote at the following link

We must support and vote for individuals, a party, and promote legislation that most represents God's values and ways; that of life.

Wherever biblical principles govern, people enjoy security, prosperity, life, and liberty. Most importantly the Church can freely serve, evangelize, and disciple all nations. America comprises only 4.2% of the world’s population yet sends out more Christian missionaries and resources than any other nation (35%).

The Christian's voters' guide should be God's truth and ways as disclosed in the Scriptures. God, and therefore, His kingdom is life and promotes all that values life and justice. Satan and his domain propagate instead death, ruin, and destruction.

When Christians talk about life we talk about the fullness of dignity for all human life in all dimensions of life.

Christians must protect, support, defend, and care for all life. That means believers of Jesus Christ absolutely must not tolerate abortion. Yet, as critical as protecting innocent unborn life is, to promote life goes beyond the preborn.

All people are created in God's image and, therefore, in essence, are equal. Thus, the Christian cannot support any expression of discrimination based on race, gender, or socioeconomic status.

The Bible binds the Christian's conscience to care for the poor and to help those who are underprivileged to find a sustainable path out of poverty. Effective social programs are not about redistributing wealth but providing opportunities that edify the total person to a life of sustainable dignity. Diligence and personal responsibility also promote and honor life.

Injustice and the unequal application of the rule of law are equally dehumanizing. God commands justice for all, that the poor be lifted up, and that the oppressed be defended. These are moral imperatives that strengthen a nation.

Lastly in our consideration of life, God is jealous over His design for marriage, family, and sexuality. God designed marriage to be comprised of one man and one woman, and sexual relations to be between a man and a woman. Healthy nuclear families are a pillar in any society.

Although a Christian can register under a specific party and participate under that party, the Christian's loyalty should be to God and His ways. And only as a party reflects God's values should the Christian support a party.

It is refreshing and strengthening to witness our current president take a strong stand to defend life and, in particular unborn lives. It has been too long coming!

As believers, we have a firm and decisive basis for our belief in the sanctity of human life; every person is made in God's image.

Whether the cost is great or small, we have a responsibility to stand for life. May we vote accordingly.

The following links will help you with your research and are useful resources for comparing political parties' and candidates' positions.

Blessings on behalf of the elders,
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