Sock Drive August 29

August 29th Sock Drive

Love First is a ministry of Harborview Fellowship that looks for opportunities to serve our community by fulfilling needs with the resources that God has entrusted with us. In the month of August we will be partnering with John Westermark's Tacoma street ministry One More Day. John Westermark, who attends Discovery Baptist Church, is involved in a ministry through the Tacoma Rescue Mission called Search and Rescue. He goes out on the streets of Tacoma at least once a week to minister to the homeless. His primary focus is to share the gospel which he does through establishing friendships, sharing food, clothing, and literature.

This fall John's goal is to collect X pairs of socks for the homeless of Tacoma. He has seen multiple infections and foot rot due to poor hygiene.  Love First will be having a Sock Drive on August 29th to collect socks for his ministry. The socks should be able to handle the wet winter of the Puget Sound region. Stick to wool or synthetic socks that are warm, such as: nylon, polyester, or spandex with moisture wicking. Please avoid cotton or wool socks as they do not allow the foot to dry.

We welcome you to participate by bringing your donations with you to our Sunday service on August 29th. If you cannot make it to church on that day and still wish to make a donation, you may bring it to the church any time during the week prior and leave them in the box by the door.
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