HF Kids: God is All Knowing

This Week's Video

What's the Point?

  • Scripture: Jonah
  •  What does it say? God tells Jonah to go warn the people of Nineveh of their destruction because of their evil ways. Jonah doesn’t want to go, so he tries to run away by getting on a boat. But God knows where Jonah is and sends a storm. Jonah ends up getting thrown overboard, where a big fish swallows him. After three days, the fish spits Jonah out, and he goes to Nineveh.
  •  Bible Point: God is all-knowing.
  •  Summary Verse: “No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:39).

Looking for More?

Family Together Time
  • See how well you really know each other!
  • One person writes his or her answer to one of the questions below.
    • What’s your favorite color?
    • What’s your favorite thing to do?
    • What’s your favorite kind of candy?
    • What’s your favorite vegetable?
    • What’s the most recent dream you remember having?
    • What are you most afraid of?
    • What’s something you pray about?
  • Everyone else tries to guess that person’s answer. (Pre-writers can just be guessers)
  • The first person will reveal the paper with his or her answer to see who was right.
Try this…
  • Can anyone share one fact about yourself that your family doesn’t know?

The Rock: HF Kids' 4th/5th Grade

Here are some of the things we covered in class:
  • Story of Jonah
  • Old Testament timeline
  • Catechism: Who is God?
  • Review Subdivision and Books of the bible

Parent Connect

Jonah had heard directly from God. He asked Jonah to give a message about a loving God who wanted them to repent and turn to Him but in Jonah’s self-righteousness, he couldn’t imagine that God could be serious. These people were savages, pagans and, in Jonah’s eyes, not worth saving and certainly not worth his time.

Yikes. I feel the heat of lightning every time I read this story. But I have been there. Someone criticizes, tells a lie, spreads a rumor, or falsely accuses. God says, “Child, forgive.”

In all honesty, my first response is, “NO Way! Didn’t you see, God? Didn’t you hear? You would not be asking me to forgive if you understood!” Who do I think I’m talking to, for goodness sake? Of course, He knows!

But, like Jonah, I have had to take a few smelly journeys to get back to where he asked me to start. There have been too many times to count when I went my own way because I was SURE that I knew better. Fortunately, we serve a gracious God who continues to provide a way back.

My prayer is that we would grow in humility and trust enough to say “yes” the first time. Tarshish may seem cozy from a distance, but Nineveh was where God did His work and that is where I want to be.

Right there with you,
~Ms. Kelly
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