Voting Your Faith: Issue 5: Resources


There is no doubt that this election cycle has the attention of a more significant than usual percentage of the people in our state and country. The stakes are high for our future and that of our families.

It is crucial for us as American Christians to make our voices known to vote our faith. In a democratic republic, we, the citizens, are responsible for our state and nation's welfare and operation. Our elected officials are accountable to us as our stewards to carry out the governing affairs.

To abdicate our responsibility is to our own peril and that of our family and friends. It would be like being a business owner and handing the running of our business over to others. It would be irresponsible to never vet the individuals we entrust to operate our business, check in on its status, and make necessary course corrections.

We, the people, are responsible for the well-being of our state and nation. Voting is a fundamental component of our responsibility.

To get information regarding the local candidates and issues, check the HF website under the Salt and Light tab or contact Mike Brown at

The following link will take you to a voter guide that was just put out by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

This guide addresses some of the issues important to Christians at a national level.
May we rise to the occasion in faithfulness to our God-given responsibility of biblical citizenship.

Richest blessings on behalf of the elders,
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