Member Saturday Dec 5th

HF Member's Saturday

“An organization is what you join; family is what you belong to…”

It is true that often an organization simply is what you join in contrast to a family of which you belong. And there can be a significant difference between merely joining or belonging.

At Harborview Fellowship (HF) we want everyone to belong. Therefore, we are offering what we are calling “HF Members Saturday.” If you want to know what Harborview Fellowship is about and to personally interact with some of HF’s leaders, the HF Members Saturday is for you.

The Why:
  • To help you become more acquainted, connected, and assimilated in the HF family.
  • You will become acquainted with different leaders and the HF story
  • You will connect with other HF family members
  • You will have opportunity to further assimilate into the life and ministry of HF
  • You will learn some HF distinctives and beliefs
  • You will experience personal ministry related to God’s Kingdom purposes in your life

The When:
We will meet Saturday, December 5, 2020.
  • It begins at 9:00 am and lasts to 5:00 pm

The How:
  • Relationships and fun in a context of community and vision will be coupled with information and opportunity

Final Note:
If you desire to participate in this Saturday, please register so we know how to plan.
Blessings! Mike
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