Voting Your Faith: Issue 6: The Most Important Election in My Lifetime?

The Most Important Election in My Lifetime?

Is it a cliché to say that this is the most critical election in our lifetime? Many nationally, well-known Christian leaders are making this claim. This assertion is coming from those with diverse theological and denominational backgrounds. Yet on this point, there is an agreement, and many are making it known. Why now?

Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Association states, "The upcoming election is critical." He goes on to say that this election is one of a lifetime.

Many believe that this election will set our country's course for not just the next four years but for many years to come. Are such statements a sane estimate of this election's importance?

I personally believe that this is the most crucial election in my lifetime. I am not discounting previous election cycles. I am saying that our country and culture have incrementally advanced to a moral and ideological precipice. We have little real estate left without plunging off a high cliff that will drop us into a moral and ideological abyss that opposes God and the foundations of this nation.

Why is America hanging over such an abyss? We have forgotten God. And the consequences of this rejection can be seen on the streets of America:
  • We have strangers beating and shooting strangers because they ideologically disagree.
  • We have riots, looting, cities set on fire, Bibles burned in the streets, and criminals immediately released to recommit their violence.
  • Law enforcement officers are disrespected, attacked, and killed in disregard for law and order.
  • We have liberal governors violating the first amendment in shutting down churches as non-essential while encouraging violent demonstrations.
  • Abortions, the killing of innocent life, are now legal up to birth in many parts of our nation.
  • Perverse and pornographic sexual education is legal in K-12 education.
The list could go on. We need to ask is where is it all headed? From where has this deprivation come? Whose policies and positions are most responsible for or approving of the above societal characteristics? They must be opposed!

In America today, people have forgotten God, and we are living in the descent of humanity, as described in Romans chapter 1. When people reject God and His righteousness, He turns such people over to their self-destructive ways and choices.

To either not vote or to vote for candidates and referendums that continue the Romans 1 descent into anti-God societal destruction is immoral on our part as believing followers of Jesus Christ.

Again, this election is not about personalities but policies and positions.

Ultimately, we are not in a war of political parties, but a war of principles and values. We must rightly discern the Church's mission and the specific values that God holds most dear.

Pray like you never have before. Pray for a move of God like this world has never seen. Pray for His glory to flood our Churches and nation. AND please research the candidates and referendums with God's truth in mind and alert to the Holy Spirit AND VOTE! This election is critical!

On behalf of the elders,
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